ICO Issues warning on compliance

According to an article on the register the Information Commissioner’s Office has warned UK website owners that there are just 6 months left to ensure compliance.

Read the article here

This is part of the ICO’s half term report

The ICO have also issued updated additional guidance on compliance.

This document is quite detailed and contains helpful mock ups of practical ways in which consent could be gained.

On the question of using third party services such as google analytics that set cookies, it seems that the ICO will be taking the view that this in scope of the directive.

We will be digesting the guidance to see what we can offer to simplify compliance for UK Website owners – stay posted!

One Response to “ICO Issues warning on compliance”

  1. muhammad March 13, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    Great summary guys, very sfueul. Bookmarked so I can send (less technical) people here to understand the nuances of GA (and cookies in general).Any chance you could expand on this with a series of common scenarios (visitor behaviours or tracking needs)? For example, I read that a returning visitor who comes to your site direct (on the second visit) would not have the original utmz source data overwritten. I was wondering whether this might allow us to track the original source of a visitor from their second or third visit. Otherwise I’ll have to arrange some PHP to extract that data on the first visit..Thanks again for the above